Applications by Pixeljam

An expanded and improved version of the classic Pixeljam game. Escape the pyroclastic wall of doom and find your dino sanctuary in this single / multiplayer retro-styled action platformer! Explore the deep single player campaign or race up to 3 othe

JOIN THE GLORKIAN WARRIORS! Visit awesome asteroids! Blast strange invaders! “It’s a ridiculously charming game that makes me smile every time I play it.” - Cult of Mac “It really is quite the delight.” - 148Apps &ld

Snowball! is a winter-themed pinball adventure from Pixeljam, the the creators of Dino Run. Send your behemoth snow spheres through a bobsled maze of curves, paddles, and tesla coils.... bouncing off igloos, railcars, and wintery populations. Watch

DINO RUN DX is an ongoing evolution of the classic prehistoric multiplayer racing game. Control your iconic raptor through an endless assortment of procedurally generated landscapes and outrun the ever-approaching WALL OF DOOM. Will you end up one of

Potatoman Seeks the Troof is a challenging potatosophical platforming adventure from Pixeljam, the creators of Dino Run. Make your way through dry deserts, mysterious forests, busy cities, the tallest mountains and eventually through your innermost

Last Horizon is a minimal, atmospheric space survival & exploration game, set to deep ambient music. Pilot the last vessel of a fallen civilization into the vast unknown, in search of a new habitable world. Carefully land on the planets you will e