Applications by Peter-Olafson

**The dictionary referenced for this game is English only currently** One Player Mode: Find as many words as you can before time runs out. Drag the tiles to the spaces below then tap the timer to submit the word and score points. Two to Four Play

A Russian Abacus emulator. Click on a bead to move it. Click & hold to move multiple beads. No instructions are provided but can be found on the web. If there is interest a future release could include a digital read out.

A classic 13 row Chinese Suan Pan. There is no digital readout. I wanted to keep it pure(on a Mac). Click on the blue button to switch between 1 or 2 rows of Heaven beads. Click on the red button to switch between 4 or 5 rows of Earth beads. Cl

A classic 13 row Japanese Soroban with an optional digital display for practice. Hold the Shift key while clicking on an Earth bead to also add the Heaven bead.

**Tested on Mountain Lion. May not work on earlier operating systems.** 1 or 2 Players Code Break(based on the game Bulls & Cows but with colored marbles) can be played against the computer or against a human. Four and five digit boards are availab

It's Swishy Fish! It's so swishy you're gonna die. Tap the spacebar or tap the left mouse button to swim. Stop tapping to rest but don't hit the ocean bottom. EXCLUSIVE TO MAC VERSION: Tap the S key for a burst of speed. Hold the S key for a con

Slap Extreme is Slap Jack without the long wait. Every card gives you a chance to earn a point. Hit the key for the button with the suit that matches the over turned card before your opponent and you get the point. Tip: For higher scores, pick slow

A memory game in another dimension. Each block has images on four sides. Blocks are placed randomly before each game for a variety of challenges. Click on a block to select it. Click again to deselect. Use the Right, Left, Up or Down Arrows on t

Family Tic Tac Toe HD is Tic Tac Toe for the whole family. There are three boards to choose from: On the Farm, Steam Punk & Wooden. On the Farm is great for the kids. Each game begins with a random animal facing another random animal. The animals