Applications by Peter-Kamb

Visit /r/Reddit_Notifier for dev support and feature requests! Top rated Reddit app on the Mac App Store! Orangered Notifier for Reddit gives you an orangered menubar icon for replies, private messages, and mod mail. Plus cake on your reddit birthd

EdgeCase improves your multiple monitor productivity by restricting your mouse cursor to a single screen. The app prevents you from ever accidentally losing your cursor into a rarely-used secondary display, or from overshooting as you flick to an O

One-Handed Typing on your Mac keyboard! A one-hand keyboard layout designed for former two-hand touch typists. Holding spacebar "mirrors" the keyboard. Now you can type all the keys with a single hand. The keys that are normally on the right side

Free version of the one-hand typing keyboard layout that lets any former touch-typist type with one hand. Use if you've broken your arm, fractured your wrist, lost a finger, or have any other medical condition that limits the use of one hand. NOTE:

Please try the FREE version of One-Hand Keyboard before purchasing. Type with one hand using your standard laptop or USB keyboard. A magically easy solution for typing with one hand. You already have the muscle memory. One-Handed Typing is incredi