Applications by PeacockMedia

• Scans your site checking for broken links • Checks images and linked files as well as all internal and external links • See problems at-a-glance highlighted in colour. Double-click for more detailed information • In short, impro

- Improve your website's quality, SEO and user experience - Checks internal and external links as well as images - Fast scan with many options, progress displayed via dock icon - Highlights problems in colour, double-click for further information - M

Welcome to a world where you feel safer in your home and can enjoy lighting effects from cosy to practical. Hue-topia gives you manual control over Philips Hue bulbs and allows you to schedule bulbs or groups of bulbs. Security is the watchword. Hu

Not a simple currency converter, Moneytrends displays short or long-term trends for multiple currencies using European Bank data. - Displays recent or long-term trends - See the current rates - Uses European Bank data - Save money by spotting whethe

A measuring tool with an original way to measure routes, shapes, areas, anything that you can see on your screen. - Simply draw your line with mouse clicks on a nearly-transparent window over your map, chart or diagram, set Meander's scale against

Do your web pages load as quickly as they could? It could be down to a third-party plugin or code, or an unnecessarily large image. These will be easy to spot with ReActivity. A slow page is bad news for your search engine optimisation (SEO) as well

Prepare better thumbnail images for your website or blog, resized uniformly and with a polished look. SharpResize is lightweight, has convenient controls and shortcuts and produces a more polished result. - Many ways to grab your image - from clipb

There are snippets of text that you have to type regularly; your address or phone number, directions to your premises, answers to those frequently-asked questions... Do you type them every time? Do you search for a document or old email and copy an

- View any file in detail, view / save in any text encoding - Displays each byte as data (decimal or hex notation) or as text - Can take text directly from the clipboard - Try different text encodings to find the correct one or the best fit - Attempt

Easily find your website's broken links and more. The free app Integrity is a link-checker and no more. Integrity Plus performs the same fast and accurate link check and adds: - Manage multiple sites - Generate a sitemap in xml, dot and csv - ftp y