Applications by Paul-Chatwin

Percent Calculator is a tool which allows you to make percent related calculations instantly and effortlessly by simply entering two values. Whilst percentage formulas are not necessarily complicated, they can quite often take some working out. If

Whois is lookup app for domain registrant data. It supports over 150 TLD's (Top Level Domains) and also allows IP address lookups. Simply enter a domain name or IP address and press return and within seconds Whois will query the registrant and displ

The EU VAT Validator allows you to validate a European VAT number and, if supported by the member state, verify the companies name and address. EU VAT Validator runs as a small icon in the menu bar at the top of your screen. To validate a VAT number

VAT Pro is the most feature rich VAT and Sales Tax application on the App Store and includes VAT rates for 80 countries and all US states, Record and export facility plus a European VAT validator with name and address check built in. ** FEATURED IN