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Solitaire games that easily resizes to fit all sizes of screens from tiny laptop screens to cinema size displays. Big Deck Solitaire features 3 classic games: Klondike, Free Cell and Spider including a cople of variations on Klondike and Spider, sta

The enchanting ladybugs are here and they're ready to have some fun. Ladybugs 2 is a colorful set of five different games for small children designed for easy game play, color recognition, hand-eye coordination and above all, for having a challengin

Zen Stones HD makes it possible to play a game, be zen and be completely addicted all at the same. Match different color stones by shooting them towards the center of the playing field. Grab all the fun bonuses and make it to the highest levels possi

Anchorium is a SEO Software that will help you understand how the search engine bots crawl your site. Anchorium builds a list of all the inbound links within your website in order for you to analyze it later on and optimize it in such a way that you

Shoot or throw up square fire blocks into the moving shapes and create a closed rectangle or square. Move with the left and right arrows and shoot with the spacebar. To speed up, press the up arrow. The shapes move downward on the playing field so co