Applications by Paolo-Borzini

Text2CrossStitch is the best way to convert text to cross-stitch pattern This application will be useful to those who cross stitch. It's always hard having to transform text to pattern. Pay attention, the limit of text is 20 characters. Features in

Phonema Converter converts any text, translating the individual characters into phonemes. The type of phoneme is selected from a list of phonemes as Nato, Royal Navy, US Navy, British, Deutsch, French and Italian. The program can also convert reverse

How to monitor FTP incoming folder for newly uploaded files? The answer is PollingFTP for monitoring an FTP upload directory. PollingFTP is a program that monitors an FTP site for new and changed files. Supports secure FTP with your Password and Data

Date Machine is easy to use and handy date calculator. This app is a great way to calculate number of days, weeks, months or years into the future or past. Calculate the days into a certain week. Or calculate how many days between two dates. Or many

The PWGen is a fast password generator with a few add on. All you need to do is to specify the required number of characters and PWGen will generate a new password for you, copied automaticaly in clipboard and ready to use. But it's not only, the PWG