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The No. 1 Brainwave App in 32 Countries! Top quality Isochronic Tones and Binaural Beats combined with relaxing ambient music and soothing nature sounds. Including 90 programs for Relax, Sleep, Meditate, Anxiety, Stress Relief, Positive Mind, Confide

Improve your life with subliminal stimulus! Subliminal Recordings use Positive Voice Affirmations that can bypass your conscious and penetrate your subconscious. They are repeated at a volume level just low enough so you may not hear them. However,

Whatever your level of fitness, Tai Chi Step-by-Step offers a simple but effective program of exercise and stress reduction, based on the ancient Chinese art of Tai Chi. The aim of the carefully structured sequence of movements is to build up the b

Enjoy limitless ENERGY... Rocket Your IQ... Master EMOTIONS... Enjoy Creative RUSHES... Double Your Ability to LEARN... Release STRESS... - Just by listening to BrainWave Tuner 26 + preset brainwave patterns. Nominated as ‘Best Healthcare a

This self-help app encompasses a wide range of self-improvement topics and sessions that are designed to help you become a better self each single day. We work with top hypnotherapist and psychologists across the world to build the most effective p

Lucid dreaming is the act of taking control of your dreams to change the world around you and enjoy living out a virtual sort of fantasy within your head. Even the best virtual reality programming is still hundreds of years behind the brain's own abi

Weight Loss Brainwave promotes a healthy way for managing your body weight. Professionally built Isochronic Tones offered by The Unexplainable Store®. If you have a weight problem, your mind likely already sees your body as beyond its control. T

At the end of the day sometimes we find it difficult to finally let the stresses of the day go and just relax. The problems we ran into during the day crop up again causing us to worry needlessly on into the night even though we desperately want slee