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★ This application support 80 languages:English,Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese,Portuguese,Spanish, Russian,Swedish, Vietnamese,Polish, Ukrainian, Catalan, Norwegian, Finnish, Czech, Hungarian, Korean, Indonesian, Turkish, Rom

★ Esta aplicação oferece mais de 700.000 página wiki Português (Versão 06/2012). Ao usar este aplicativo você tem na mão uma enciclopédia volume com informações completas em to

★10 offline dictionaries with million entries: +Wiki Vietnamese: About 25.000 entries +Wiki English: About 70.000 entries +Picture dictionary: About 3000 entries +English-Vietnamese: About 450.000 entries including pronunciation +Vietnames

-Nếu mỗi ngày bạn đọc một truyện thì sẽ mất 30 năm để đọc hết kho sách đồ sộ này. -App này là phiê

★Conjugation of over 9000 French verbs including all tenses such as the composed tenses, the imperative and the participles etc... ★10 offline dictionaries: +French-English: About 60.000 entries including pronunciation +English-English:

This is an app to assist you with the accurate conjugation of over 9000 French verbs and more than 250.000 entries (derived forms of a verb). This app provides you a convenient quicksearch for verbs. For a chosen verb, the app will show all tenses of

★ This application provides over 3,5 million of articles Wiki in English (Version 05/2012). When using this application you have in hand a volume encyclopedia with complete information in all areas from the Cultural-Social-Political to Science-

★More dictionaries: Picture, Gmat, Toefl,Sat, Gre which help you to memorize vocabulary and prepare IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC easily ★Our product is the best pronunciation dictionary with very high quality. ★Unique on App store with 20

★ Diese Anwendung bietet mehr als 1.400.000 deutschen Wiki-Seite (Version Mai/2012). Bei Verwendung dieser Anwendung müssen Sie in der Hand ein Volumen Enzyklopädie mit vollständiger Information in allen Bereichen von der Kultur-

HOT: Từ điển Pháp-Việt duy nhất trên App store có chức năng chia động từ và phát âm --------------------------------------- Tính năng nN

★ Cette application fournit plus de 1.000.000 page wiki français (version 06/2012). Lorsque vous utilisez cette application, vous avez en main une encyclopédie du volume des informations complètes dans tous les domaines de