Applications by One-Kerato

Auto-magically add a Table of Contents (TOC) to your PDF. Use powerful tools to quickly build and edit a TOC. Use PDFOutliner to: ◇ Add a TOC to PDFs exported by ◇ Clean up messy TOC provided by PDF’s original publisher &

PDFCombo is a simple utility to combine PDF documents - with special consideration for the table of contents (TOC) in the PDFs. You may choose to preserve any existing table of contents in the PDFs, or automatically add a new top-level TOC entry for

Valuable content in your PDFs is now just a click away. Link to PDF pages, table of contents, and even your PDF annotations! PDFoo opens up access to your PDFs: • Research, summarize and link to content in PDFs • Search PDF and link to re

PDFSpeech will help you read more. It taps into text-to-speech (TTS) technology built into macOS to help you zip through PDFs. With great tools at hand, you’ll look forward to reading a book cover to cover, and even read an entire chapter in on

Explode your large PDF into many PDFs. Extract pages corresponding to any Table of Contents (TOC) entry in your PDF. For example, extract PDF of any or each chapter in a long PDF text or manual. * Store these exploded PDFs in database apps like Devo

Do you want a fast app to locate: • Books in your Calibre library of PDFs and EPUBs? • Podcast episodes downloaded in iTunes? • Reports and research saved in your project folders? • Excel and Word documents nested deep in your wo

LinkMaker makes it easy to create symbolic links for your files & folders. Here's how: • Step 1: Select a directory in which to make links • Step 2: Drag and drop files & folders to create symbolic links (i.e. file system shortcuts) •