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Available now! Kamus Lengkap is a very popular, easy to use and complete digital dictionary. It supports English - Indonesian, Indonesian - English, words, phrases, pronunciations, regular and irregular verb features including infinitive, simple past

SALE AT 40% OFF !!! Hours of fun guaranteed! This game is well designed to entertain and to accompany you relax. Take a cup of coffee, chocolate, or whatever you like and enjoy playing this game. Hopefully you cheerful! Acak Kata - Smart Word Shuff

Let children play alphabets, numbers, shapes, colours, fruits, and so much more. Unwittingly, your children will be more intelligent, smart, and understand 9 languages and 15 dialects ​​simultaneously with native accent and voice of each

SALE AT 50% OFF !!! Muslim Kid Games is an educational game pack that helps you or your children to know salat times, wudhu, salat movements, Arabic alphabets and numbers, and iqra using fun gaming approaches: 1. Sorting games (Learning by sorting

Malin Kundang Legend teaches and reminds us to be grateful to our parents. Malin Kundang (also called Si Tanggang or Nakhoda Manis) is a Southeast Asian folktale about retribution on an ungrateful son. In Indonesia, the story is called Malin Kundang,

The interactive quiz game edition of Kamus Lengkap is now available on this platform. Play the game and compete your score with your friends on Game Center. Playing this game is an excellent fun way to improve your English vocabulary and your Indone

Your spaceship is trapped in the black star space that is full of enemies. It is besieged and under attacked. Your duty is to destroy all of the enemies. Can you win and survive? Features: - Addictive challenging levels. - Different enemies and weap

Iqra for Kid helps you or your children learn to read the Quran. It teaches you to recognize: 1. Arabic Alphabets. 2. Arabic Numbers. 3. Basic Arabic Reading. 4. Advanced Arabic Reading. 5. Expert Iqra Lesson Pack 1. 6. Expert Iqra Lesson Pack 2. 7

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SALE AT 50% OFF !!! A guideline for the five daily salats (shalat prayers). It is a very good guideline for children or for people that are new to shalat and/or new to Islam. Azan, Iqamah, Wudhu & Shalat actions (movements) and recitations, Duaa a