Applications by Nominari-UG-haftungsbeschrankt

Drops, the ultimate tool for uploading files. Simply drop files or folders on the Drops icon in your menu bar. In a blink of an eye your files will be uploaded to your server and the URL copied to the clipboard. You can now simply paste the URL where

presenterCue can be used to rehearse timed speeches, group presentations, and manage meetings. It is a simple but useful tool to give presenters a clue about the time remaining for your speech. The simple interface allows fast setup, is designed fo

Have you ever tried to capture a whole website into one single PDF ? … well, most likely you did. Since most websites are not meant to be printed, they tend to be very long - which results in a multipage PDF. This does not reflect the r

iMultiviewer is a perfect helper, if you have several screens attached to your Mac - which are not in direct view. Imagine to work on a mac and your second screen is on the other side of a wall. Or you connected a projector to your laptop with a larg

iFileLog generates a text file which represents the attributes of a directory and allows the user in a simple way to protocol and understand changes. Admins can easily log the changes of a directory and keep track on activities and changes. While c

presenterCue Client is the perfect companion to a licensed version of presenterCue Server. Connect an additional display to your Mac and show the timing on a convenience monitor - or put presenterCue Client on another Mac and run a second display ove