Applications by Nineveh-National-Research

The EncodeDecode Application The EncodeDecode application encodes and decodes all reasonable real number values, in single and double precision formats, using the IEEE 754 conversion standard. Encoded single precision reals are specified with 8 he

Numeric Bases Binary arithmetic is the native language of the computer where the binary 0 and 1’s represent the on and off conditions of current flow. Humans are most comfortable with decimal arithmetic where the decimal digits 0 to 9 repre

Real Numbers and Numeric Bases Have you ever wondered why base change calculators typically do not convert the fractional parts of real numbers to the new base? Usually, only the integer portion of a real number is converted. So, if you want to co

MotoBreeze and Riding Comfort Many factors affect the comfort level of outdoor activities such as motorcycle, bike, snowmobile and jet ski riding. One of the key factors is your body’s core temperature. The core temperature of your body can

A Fourier Series and Computational Benchmark Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier (1768-1830) was a physicist and mathematician who, among many other accomplishments, hypothesized that any periodic waveform could be generated by summing up the harmonics of