Applications by Nikolaos-Konstantakopoulos

================================================================== BeatLines v1 is no longer supported, so its now free! Visit our site for the new BeatLines 2 ================================================================== BeatLines, is a simp

================================================================== SampleBox is no longer supported, and is now free! Visit our site for the new SampleBox 2! ================================================================== SampleBox is an audio

======================================= SimpleLines is no longer supported, and in now free! Visit our site to see our other products! ======================================= Simple Lines is a straightforward easy to use audio mixing console. Use

BeatLines 2 is a step sequencer that is simple and easy to use with a lot of flexibility. It includes a full drums & percussion library from, that makes it easy to create groovy drums with no need of other audio samples. Of course

"Pitch It" lets you pitch shift your audio files, using a dynamic transposition value. Do static pitch transposition or time varying, using a pitch function diagram. ==== Features ==== - Pitch shift up to +/- 3 octaves - Process separate files. - Pr

vStack is a looper application. It is designed to be used simply and easy. Use your audio files or just record live audio real-time. vStack is designed to easily sync each of the channels in various durations all based on a master metronome. Incl

MetroKit, is an advanced metronome, with lots of new and extra features. It is quite versatile, having 4 different beat types (downbeat, accent, basic and muted), with independently controlled level on each type, as well as 3 play modes, Simple, Trai