Applications by Nikita-Bedunkevich

Live Coloring Book is a little coloring book for children. Your child will pass the time coloring 3D pictures with different colors from our virtual pallet. If you like our program and would like to get different kinds of pictures, it's easy to get

For children, Christmas is probably the most anticipated time of the year. This is the night when magic enters out homes and brings long-awaited gifts to those who deserve them. Give your children our Christmas Coloring Book - it will bring them coun

Fruits, vegetables, berries. It is possible to imagine and surprise the mommy with a blue orange, and then to tell her that it was a joke and color it back in the normal purple color. By the way it is also possible to surprise the daddy by reading re

Flowers Coloring Book is ideal for curious young minds that want to learn more about nature. There are so many beautiful, unique flowers in nature of every color you could imagine. And each of them is so wonderful that your kids couldn't fail to be i

The Ocean coloring book combines interesting and realistic pictures of sea dwellers. This game will show your child how diverse, beautiful and mysterious the ocean world is through multiple vivid pictures of fish, clams and other underwater inhabitan

Give your child the feeling of a true holiday with our Christmas puzzle. It features kind and funny pictures created specifically for children. We did our best to accurately render the warm Christmas atmosphere and make your experience with the progr

This program will keep your child interested for a very long time. It brings together all our previous products: Animals, Children and Ocean puzzle.Your child will happily look at funny children, wonderful animals and fascinating inhabitants from the

Our funny children’s jigsaw puzzle is a great opportunity to introduce your child to the computer and help him spend time in a fun and purposeful way. The game features colorful images with fairy tale characters that you and your children know

An extraordinarily interesting and stimulating children's coloring book about animals that is designed to teach your child to paint and mix colors as well spend time profitably. The game brings together a large number of merry animals from different

An exciting coloring book about vehicles of all sorts. Boys will find it especially interesting, since the book features realistic 3D images of cars, airplanes, road construction machinery, spaceships and much, much more. Your child will have a great