Applications by Nestor-Cardozo

GeoKalk is a calculator for vectors (lines, planes and drillholes), and tensors (strain and stress). Multiple calculators can be opened, edited and saved. Entries and results are presented in tables, as well as in a stereonet and a Mohr circle. In ad

Stereonet3D plots lines, planes and small circles on equal area or equal angle stereonets. The program can also plot the data in 3D, and if the data have lat-long info, on a map/satellite view. Stereonet3D can perform various operations on the data i

SSPX calculates strain/strain rate from displacement/velocity data in 2D and 3D. SSPX works on problems such as computing strain rates from GPS data, computing finite strain in a discrete element model, or computing strain from displacements in an an