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Rotate and connect the pipes to form a closed system on this special trip through different historical ages. Provide dinos and spas with water, magicians with magic liquid, transfer gold from mines to railways, finally be an agent for the alcohol s

★★★ PipeRoll 2 Ages HD has already been available! New challenges, fantastic graphics. 5 unique ages and 100 new levels. ★★★ Your task is to close the pipeline system as fast as possible rotating the pipes in th

Battles of 1944 is an awesome strategy game in the World War II. Defense your front line against the enemy forces, and battle across the Normandy coast, the desert of Africa and the steppe of Russia with the Allied and Axis forces. Battles of 1944 co

Do you feel, that your life comes to a head? Have you got any questions about your future, and would you like to get answers? You're in the right place, and please allow me to introduce the AstroFate to you. The AstroFate is a special fortune-telling

It's a casual puzzle game. The aim to build pipelines from the energy balls to the same colored docks of the space ship. Use your brain to solve the 32 levels.

It's a nice logical game to test your brain. Your goal is to move the yellow Robot from the start to the end teleport. Features: 50 logical maps with enemies, and a lot of tricks

NEW EASY MODE ! Build up America! Play with the “Bricking in America”, an awesome 3D puzzle game and build up the famous buildings of the USA from brick to brick. In this game man has to find the right cube and put the right place to bui

Chicken Math is an amusing game for kids to learn easily the adding. During the game a yellow hen lays eggs with numbers and the kids have to collect them, and the sum of the eggs’ numbers will be the same as that number the sly fox thinks of.

! free iPhone Controller on the AppStore ! SPEED, RACE and ACTION are in the “SlotRush” to increase your adrenalin! The “SlotRush is a very crazy and awesome slot car racing for Mac. Why is it crazy? Because you can pick up some act

Colored puzzle game for kids, to play creative. In the Kid's Cube colored pictures are able to make from simple cubes on the grounds of 9 samples or by oneself.

Bring the bone through a tricky house to feed your lazy dog. Logical, platform game for both kids and adults. This game follows the old school game design, brings back memories of the golden age of the pixel games. So you can joy in this game the cle