Applications by NOKKEUSI-Inc

Chirashi is a flyer maker capable of making paper designs such as flyer, concert leaflet, small poster, post card, shop point card, labels, name card, etc. Just placing several objects of text label, table, graphic image, built in drawing and QR code

Map Editor is a drawer of illustrated maps. You can make your original map,,, to tell your friends of the next BBQ place, to tell your colleagues the restaurant for welcome and goodbye party, to tell people of your shop in free market to tell yo

MopiShape is a vector drawing app using bezier lines. It is suited for making a relatively small illustration such as icon, not recommended for a large poster. But you may enjoy the simple vector based drawing with it. Different from paint brush

This app allows you to fill in a PDF document using PDF Annotations. The PDFs editied with this app can be used in other PDF viewer apps such as Preview of OS X. Many application forms are provided in PDF format at web sites of tax office or govern