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Price reduced for limited time. Save 60% off the original Price. If you are looking to buy a house, thinking of re-mortgaging or simply want to see how much it will cost you by trying out different scenarios then our Mortgage Calculator is the perfe

- Updated for 2017-2018 Tax Year - Export monthly wage slip to PDF and Print - Create Profiles to manage different jobs - Backup and Restore your data - Also available for iPhone and iPad iTax UK is UK PAYE (Pay-As-You-Earn) Income Tax Calculator. T

A simple to use VAT Calculator designed for MAC OS X. VAT Calculator allows you to calculate VAT/Sales tax. Simply enter the amount/price you want to calculate VAT on, enter the VAT Rate (%), select whether VAT is already included in the amount or no

Unit Calculator is the fastest and easiest way to convert between two units. Unit Calculator converts between 65 different units across 9 different categories. Just type in the value you want to convert and result will be shown straightaway in the se