Applications by Mohannad-Hashem

Passport Photo is a utility designed to quickly format and create your own passport picture or any other photo ID. It is very fast, efficient with a simple, straight forward interface. -- See it in action

Wanna grab a picture of your screen? How about a video of it? Screener is a straight forward screen capture utility that lives in your menu bar. It's fast, easy, out of the way and gets the job done! Screener supports global shortcuts that may be c

Loan Table amortizes your loan and can calculate extra principal payments as well.

iLoans is designed to compare two or more loans in a visual way. Whether you're buying a house, purchasing a car or considering refinancing, iLoans will draw a graphical display that will allow you at a quick glance to compare interest paid and how

The best way to see all your grades. Just put in your grades and it will calculate your cumulative GPA for you. Scripts supports schools with custom GPA scales. It also allows you to group any of your courses, from different schools, semesters, yea