Applications by Miquel-Gargallo

Temperatures Convert to Celsius, fahrenheit or kelvin one click, no more!

Read your text selection. With one click!

Clean your desktop with one click. Hide all your app from the Dock and the Desktop!!! to use new apps, everything with iSet.

Navigate the worm to swallow the pill --- with each pill swallowed, the worm grows, making it harder to navigate. Use the left and right arrows to turn the worm. reversed controls: move right: left arrow keyboard key move left: right arrow keyboard k

Calculate the time difference between a period of time.

Price reduced from $1,99 to $0,99!!!!!! iWant uses Spotlight to perform a search for images on your computer. The search location or search scope can also be customized by the user. The results are displayed in a custom cell, image preview cell. A