Applications by Michel-Fortin

From the perspective of a color blind person, some colors are impossible to distinguish. Sim Daltonism lets you visualize colors as they are perceived with various types of color blindness. Move the Sim Daltonism window over something on the screen

Gamma Control lets you quickly adjust the gamma correction curve of your Mac’s display. Use it to calibrate the screen for new ambiant conditions without having to go to the ColorSync Calibration Assistant in System Preferences. Gamma Control

With Black Light you can apply a combination of visual effects to your screen by manipulating the gamma curve. Opening Black Light will automatically apply the selected effects. Quitting the application will restore the original settings. You can to

Gamma Control is used by designers and photographers to improve the reliability of the colors on their screen or to simulate the effect of various screen calibrations on pictures and videos. Other professionals adopted it to match the screen color te

Counterparts Lite makes it clean and simple to edit .string string table files as well as XLIFF files generated by Xcode and some other tools. Manipulate directly the text in the grid. Use the filter and quick search to look for specific strings. Co

Gamma Control is used by designers, photographers, and filmmakers to improve color reliability or adjust screens so they fit within various lighting conditions in pictures or videos. It can also be used when playing games or viewing videos to reveal

Red Stripe is a tool to help people with a red-green color blindness differentiate colors. Move the filter window over something on screen to add continous stripes on reds and dashed stripes on greens. The window is totally transparent, to colors