Applications by Michal-Parrot


21 days ago

popCalendar is a calendar that fits in your menu bar giving you a faster access to your timetable. Two presentations, per month and per year, lets you find the day you need or the events of it. Same supported accounts as Apple Calendar App.



15 days ago

iRamDisk uses a part of computer's RAM to create a volume that can be mounted and used independently. This volume can be used to reduce the number of writes to disk or to get a very fast writable/readable volume. iRamDisk is preconfigured for Xco


xClipboard is a whole new way to use your clipboard. Discreet, working in background, it keeps everything element you copied in the past in mind. A simple click on its icon localized in the menu bar lets you find anything you copied from any applica

Search files using advanced criteria and without Spotlight engine. Get hidden files by name, size, kind, etc. and view results in a extended view.