Applications by Michal-Galusko

If a rock hits the water in a pool, then there will be a wave of water. Image what will happen if the pool of numbers is hit. Games: • Wave • Lost Wave • Pattern (NEW) You can use “ground” tiles to form different types of

“War - Card War” is a classic card game dedicated for entertainment. This version of the card war brings you behind the scene of the game thanks to new features. Features: • possibility to change the objective of the game: to win al

“SunnyCube” is a three-dimensional logic puzzle that is very hard to solve. The game allows creating patterns by inserting the playing unites (suns). "Suns" are inserted from the top of the cube and the player is forced to judge the impa

SunnyDesk is a unique new game based on the classic sliding game. The game consists of 9 puzzle areas with one passage between them and 80 puzzle pieces. The object of the game is to place the puzzle pieces in order by sliding them using the empty

“SunnyLine” (7 In a Row) is an amazing puzzle game. The object of the game is to line up all the playing units of the same colour in ascending order. Features: • Arabic numerals • Roman numerals • Alphabet • Dice num

How many apples can you bring home? Carrier Snake is a game that is built on the classic snake game, coming up with a new idea. The goal of the game is to guide the snake to bring the apple home (to make the apple appear on the white square). How can

“Six Dots” is based on my unique puzzle game, "Eight Dots". The key to success at solving this puzzle is to create pattern and use right timing to apply it. The object of the game is to keep 6 dots in motion at the same time. “Six