Applications by Massimiliano-Borrelli

★★★★★ MultiText Copy ★★★★★ With MultiText Copy you can virtually expand the CLIPBOARD textual memory of your Mac of 14 times. With MT Copy in-fact you will have 14 spaces of virtual memory

With Win BlackJack you will be given the best moves to make in the game of blackjack depending on the cards you have in your hand and the dealer's card. In fact, this app is a great help for all those who love the game of Blackjack, whether they are

Test My Memory is the test for memory more fun than ever! Test your memory and write your name in the World Ranking of "Test My Memory". Do you have a memory of an elephant or of an ant? You think you remember everything? Prove it!

Christmas Calendars

3 hours ago

For these holidays, create your own custom calendars with your photos or with the beautiful christmas background photos provided in our software. Surprise your family, friends and your clients by donating them custom Christmas calendars, giving a pr

▲△▲△▲ Chakra Test ▲△▲△▲ Chakra Test is the application that will help you know the current situation of all your 7 main chakras and in the case of an imbalance of energies will give you the

△ △ △ △ △ The X Helper △ △ △ △ △ ATTENTION: This application is intended for people who already have a bit of familiarity with the Objective C programming and the use of Xcode. If you alrea

△ △ △ △ △ I LEARN GUITAR PRO △ △ △ △ △ I Learn Guitar Pro is a new course of Guitar for Beginners. With I Learn Guitar Pro you will be guided through various exercises that will take you st

▲△▲△▲ Photo Calendar Maker ▲△▲△▲ A simple and intuitive application with which you can create your own photo calendars with a few clicks and without the need of complicated graphics and dra

▲△▲△▲ i10eLotto ▲△▲△▲ i10eLotto è la nuova applicazione per Mac per tutti gli appassionati della lotteria italiana 10elotto. L'applicazione, anche se nata recentemente sta già

▲△▲△▲ My Holy Rosary ▲△▲△▲ Recite the rosary with the help of this application and your computer, you can follow the prayers and the mysteries in the video and you can listen a voice that r

With "The Icon Maker" you can quickly create without effort all the necessary icons for your applications for iPhone, iPad and Mac If you're a developer of applications for iPhone and Mac you will certainly know that Xcode requires a large number of

△ △ △ △ △ my Moon △ △ △ △ △ With myMoon you'll know at any moment in which phase is the moon and you will be given advice based on it. You'll know, for example when is the best time to cut

▲△▲△▲ Biorhythm Pro ▲△▲△▲ Biorhythm Pro is a calculator of biorhythm cycles that will let you know every day the condition of your three biorhythm cycles, the physical cycle, the emotiona

★★★★★ Win Roulette ★★★★★ ATTENTION: this is "NOT" a playing roulette game but a Statistic Software for game played on Online Roulette. WinRoulette is a new project dedicated to all lovers

△△△△△ ITOMBOLISSIMA △△△△△ The classic italian Christmas bingo with an automated board and cards to play with your friends and your parents. You will have a board that extracts the numbers

△▲△▲△ Calcolatore Vincite Lotto △▲△▲△ Uno strumento pratico e semplice da utilizzare che vi permetterà di calcolare le vincite al lotto in base alle vostre giocate. Essenziale per po