Applications by Martin-Nash

-Clears your desktop- Remove all the files from your desktop at the click of a button. Bring them all back with another. -Clears your mind- Focus on just the work you are doing without visual clutter in the background. You can get your work done in

Generate strings files from your source code. Generate pseudolocalized strings files from your source code. Just drag and drop, and your strings files will be created. NOTE: Source code must have NSLocalizedString(@"", @""); statements for Pseudoloc

A powerful timer that lives in your status bar. Select a timer from the menu, and get to work. Create unlimited timers with in-app purchase.

Set alarms. Wake up to your favorite tunes. - volume fade in - repeating alarms - one-time alarms - Helper App At:

Top Bar Timer Pro lets you create the timers you need. Run multiple timers at the same time. Stays out of your way, presenting you with a small window when an alarm is started and fires.

Date Me helps iOS and OS X developers work with dates. Test out your date formatter before shipping your applications. Change the inputs and see your date formatter in various timezones and locales.