Applications by Mark-Oxley

This is a time saving application that allows the user to create sprite sheets, consisting of equally sized images. To create the sprite sheet, simply drag the images you wish to include onto the work area, select the height and width of the cells an

This is a simple application to slice an image into tiles that can be used in your own applications or web sites. To create the slices, simply drag an image to the application and set the number of rows and columns the image is to be sliced into. I

This is an unobtrusive menu bar application to aid developers and web designers. Sitting in the menu bar, it is always available to the user, to help them create the required development codes for colours. Code profiles can be stored and recalled at

Conquest is a remake of the classic Conquest by Duncan Nightingale. The idea of the game is to conquer and keep hold of Europe. Fighting against you are barbarians, enemy empires, assassins and even plague breakouts. You will need all you strategic p