Applications by Mark-Noble

Links is a URL/bookmark storage/access application. Links consists of a large window with blocks containing bookmarks/URLs. Each block holds one URL (with the site's icon if it has one). The user can set a title for each URL. Block 1 is used to defi

MonsterList is a utility app which lists monsters from the Pathfinder® RPG with a semi-natural language filter.

Traveller Die Roll Maker is a dice rolling application for the Traveller 5 role playing game. It does all the standard dice rolls used in the game : 1D-10D, Flux, Good Flux, Bad Flux, 2D-2, D9 & D10-1. It has a history and ability to save/copy the re

Basic die roll applications for RPGs with basic scripting. Support for local networking also present. Two forms : XdY drop Z & XdY+Z.

DirTree is an application that displays all* contents of a directory as a List, Tree or Icons. - Tree : display directory hierarchy as a tree - List : displays metadata of all objects as a big list - Icons : displays all objects in directory as a row

Pathfinder® RPG spell list with a semi-natural language filter.