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"Macworld 2012 Eddy Award Winner" Eddy Award Macworld Magazine January 2013 “MacJournal 6 is hard to beat.” April 2012" "MacJournal remains our app of choice for digital diary keeping." MacUser UK Jan 2012 Chronicle your

"If you’ve got shoeboxes full of paper receipts— or folders full of PDF versions on your Mac—Paperless can help you unclutter your life." 4 out of 5 mice Macworld Magazine "If you're looking to get started in building a paperles

EXCLUSIVE MAC APP STORE STORYMILL PROMO! SAVE 50% OFF UNTIL THIS SUNDAY! “Each time I delve deeper into StoryMill and take more full advantage of its abundant resources, the writing process just gets simpler and simpler." Ridley Pearson N

Here’s to recipe management for the 21st century! Introducing MacGourmet Deluxe 4, the most powerful food and drink management experience for the Mac! And, of course, El Capitan compatible. Import recipes from your favorite websites. Create,

**This is the older version of Contour for Mac which is compatible with operating systems older than 10.11. If you are using a new operating system, check out Contour 2.0.** "If you’re trying to finish a big box office feature but your story

EXCLUSIVE APP STORE SALE - ¢.99 SPECIAL!! - ENDS SOON!! ======================= Desktop Poet is the ONLY magnetic poetry software on the market. Desktop Poet increases the available vocabulary and decreases the number of tiles by allowing a si

Persona is a character development app that will help you to know each of the characters of your story. Instead of allowing them to evolve as you write, with Persona you can purposefully develop the characters of your story using psychological princi

The Mac OS uses great voice synthesis, but let’s face it, it’s limited. You can’t necessarily assign voices to your text and, if you wanted to hear what different folks have to say – like in a group or a meeting, well, that&rs

"Montage is a great choice for novice screenwriters who don’t want to shell out $200 for Final Draft." 4 out of 5 stars Maclife Magazine "If you’re looking to get that million-dollar spec script out of your head and onto the page, Mon

Remember when everyone talked about how we would soon be a paperless society? Now it seems like we use paper more than ever. Let’s face it – we need and we use paper. But Paperless Lite is one of those incredibly useful applications that

Newly redesigned, Contour 2.0 for Mac, brings beauty and intuitiveness to a whole different level. With a focus on features customers have been requesting, Contour 2 implements functionality and improvements that helps every kind of writer. No one li

MacGourmet 4 is a simple recipe management solution but with enough features that will allow you do to more than just catalog your recipes. In addition to importing from your favorite websites, you can break down and illustrate each step of your reci