Applications by Marian-Raafat

Desktop Verse is a simple utility to add random bible verse to your desktop. Features: + A new day with a new bible verse. + Select your verse language from 20 languages/versions + Simple design that allows you to add the verse to the desktop ove

••• Sale 50% to 12/08/2017 ••• Features: • Mr. Stopwatch is Simple stopwatch. • Hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds 00:00:00.0 • Extra menubar stopwatch P.S: it doesn't work on 10.8.5

Feel the breeze of your desktop, your desktop is not boring anymore! With ARTIFICIAL animated wallpapers ••• Now Enjoy Christmas ••• with the Falling Snow Wallpaper ••• • Select from many HD themes

The wallpapers are alive! • Select from many themes: Beach, Ocean, Skies, Sunset, Abstract and more. • Show/Hide Desktop Icons : it can be used as a curtain to hide desktop icons ,in case you are having a work presentation and you want t

• Beautiful live wallpapers that can help you relax in the middle of your stressful busy day. while studying or working, Clear your mind with a peaceful scenery. • It has many themes: Aquarium, nature, sunset and much more! • It has

1- Simple and Clean text editor. 2- Format remover. _______________________________________ Text editor: • Full screen mode, distraction free text writer. • Simple and Clean Interface. _______________________________________ 2- Format r

• It's Live Dock Clock + Desktop Gadget. • 21 clock themes. • Keep track of your time at glance. • Change the color of time.

Keep track of the time for goals and events, Countdown days left until your big events! It's a fullscreen App that can be run on your Desktop to keep track easily for your events. • Fetal deadlines :/ • Sweet events :) • Personal goal

Timer Boom is a countdown timer can do many tasks Do you want to • Sleep while listening to your iTunes music then shutdown automatically after a certain time • sleep your mac automatically after a certain time • Remember to take a br

- Tired of Tracking your Mouse, Trackpad, keyboard battery percentage? Get them now at glance! - Dock Battery is a small little live App on your dock that could help you to keep track of your Apple Magic Mouse, Trackpad and Keyboard's lifetime. - En

Features: • Add cool icon to your files/folders in 3 Steps! • Folder Icons brings a fresh look to your folders/files. • Add your favourite customised icons to your folders, Add your choices, Be organised, feel happy and be more produc

• Don't be surprised again that you're out of battery. • Keep track of your battery at glance. • Battery Widget is a simple little app that lives on your dock and it keeps you updated with the battery level. • It lives on your Des

Digital Clock + Alarm Clock: √ It shows time in the digital format HH:MM:SS AM √ it shows the day in Month /Day /Year √ It has different bright colours √ it can be floating over your opening windows or your desktop &ra

• It's ackstraws, spillikins or pick up sticks of pencils, rulers, etc... • Click on the top-most pencil in a stack one at a time until you reach the bottom. • Player must remove a pencil without disturbing the remaining ones. • R

No more suffering while uploading your picture to Instagram or Facebook. Convert your picture to a square one without cropping! ;) • Convert portrait or landscape picture to square one in just 3 steps! • Select background colour form : blu

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year ^_^ Don't miss a second of the Christmas season even while working! Enjoy Christmas with shiny Christmas tree, little snow globe and gentle snow flakes falling. • Different Christmas live wallpapers. • Cus

Live Candle Wallpapers ... Relax ... No matter how much pressure you feel at work, if you could find ways to relax for at least five minutes every hour, you'd be more productive. • Move the Candle around on your desktop. • Move Text too.

Have your own paradise window instead of the static boring desktop wallpaper. Watch hours of gorgeous nature scenes. Relax and relief stress in seconds, set your mind on peace, close your eyes and open it to magical beautiful places. Fight negative m

Turn your Desktop to a space rocket! Watch the Earth, Moon, Planets and stars. Fly the world from your work, home, even your bed ;) Say goodbye to your old boring desktop. • Drag to rotate it! • Different Earth views: geographical, politic

Add Floating Heart Bubbles to your screen Add life to your Desktop instead of the boring static wallpaper • Enjoy Popping the bubbles with your mouse! • Control where your bubbles floating: 3 different layers: Floating in Desktop only ,

✔ Get RGB of any color on the screen ✔ Choose color from color palette ✔ Many useful formats RGB , HSB ✔ For developers :just copy the code of the selected color in many languages -IOS :UIColor -IOS :Cocos2d -Java -w

Memorize It in 3 steps: 1- Add your question and answer 2- Add a lot of them 3- Start guessing the answer It helps you to remember a lot of information in life: Chemistry, History, Languages, Biology, Geography, Dates, etc..

✔ Get RGB of any color on the screen ✔ Choose color from color palette ✔ Many useful formats RGB , HSB ✔ For developers :just copy the code of the selected color in many languages -IOS :UIColor -IOS :Cocos2d -Java -

Convert your image into japanese text Features: * Change the color of the generated text * Control the size of the generated text * Save the text to file * Print the generated text For printing: * Select the largest text image size for best qual