Applications by MapPin-Software

Professional Grade Bluetooth/USB/HotKey locking and unlocking for your Mac... with tons of options that "blow away the competition". TokenLock monitors your phone, any bluetooth device, any USB device or your Apple IR Remote. When they are disconnec


17 days ago

Dapper makes transferring your playlists, music and album art from iTunes or a folder on your Mac to your Digital Audio Player easy! You can customize it to your player or choose from built-in DAP definitions. (Eg FiiO, iBasso, HiFiMan, Sony, Onkyo e

BurnIn allows you to burn in your new headphones, earphones or speakers. It keeps track of the exact burn in time on multiple sets of speakers or headphones. BurnIn plays White, Pink or Brown noise samples that are extremely "high quality" 16 Bit Li

WatchDrift is an app that allows you to monitor your mechanical watches to see how much they gain or loose time... over time. Whenever you adjust the time on your timepiece, you simply enter the current time as shown on your watch in the app, and it

Mebia server App allows your Mebia apps on your iOS devices to transfer your videos and pictures to your Mac wirelessly. One-click, lightning fast wireless transfers of pictures and videos! NOTE: This app uses Apple auto discovery - the same featu

Want to watch TV or view your Videoconference hardware device in a window on your Mac? PiP Monitor is for you! PiP Monitor displays any USB Video source input that can be seen as a webcam by OS X (such as a frame capture device like the MageWell HDMI