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Karo Graph

7 days ago

Draw like on a graph paper. Create simple vector art with lines, arrows, boxes, symbols and text quickly and intuitively with a flexibility unavailable to other applications! Perfect for simple diagrams, flowcharts, technical drawings, drafts or code


Matrix Buddy is your everyday helper when dealing with basic linear algebra. All in one single, super-easy interface. Perfect for students and developers. See Website for a tutorial video! You can perform simple operations with vector and matrix fo

Convert and explore many standard colorspaces based on a highly verified color library created for the printing and color community. Color Machine allows you to visualize colorspaces in 2D or 3D and computes colorimetric values such as the color ren

Graph Paper Viewer is a standalone application which allows you to view Graph Paper-Documents (.hpd) This application allows viewing, exporting and printing of documents, but not editing. To do so, you have to purchase the main application Graph Pap

Ever wanted to know what the two's complement of 1 Googol is written as a hexadecimal number? Or do you need a quick ASCII table? Bit Fiddle can help you! - Convert artibtrary large decimal, hexadecimal or binary numbers or ASCII characters. - Compu

Browse through the UTC-timeline This application allows you to browse through dates and times with nanosecond-accuracy and correct support for UTC with leap seconds, including time shifts. Simply scroll through days, months, years, centuries or cha