Applications by Magmentis-Ltd

Learn how to multiply with Smudge in Space! Go to our website to see a video demonstration of this great app! The Earth is in danger: a storm of asteroids is threatening it and only Smudge the Spaniel can save the world! Help Smudge by activating

Complete the words has a proven track record in schools to improve spelling and writing performance. The fun way to improve kids ABC, alphabet, letters and spelling whilst keeping them amused for hours. Magmentis is proud to bring you Complete the

Writing Letters What your child will learn: * The letters of the alphabet * The position of letters in the alphabet * The form of the letters in the alphabet * The sound of letter names * The sound of letter phonemes * How to write the letters * I

Already proven in the classroom to learn: • Developing Geographical Skills • Developing Mathematical Reasoning • Use everyday words to describe position • Describe the position of objects and direction • Follow and give inst

The eco-friendly counting and writing application WRITING NUMBERS is the latest edition of this very popular educational software featuring our award winning Smudge the Spaniel. Children will love learning how to count Smudge’s favorite objec

Help Smudge the Puppy and her friend Cecily the Cat to find their way! Smudge Compass and Direction is the first in a series of apps introducing early geography skills to children aged 4 years and above. Geography is a key skill for children: Map

Magmentis is proud to introduce: Fill the Gap, the new version of this popular software already used by several hundred thousands of children in schools all over the world (and by more than the 30% of primary schools just in the UK) to improve pupils