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Drag & drop YouTube, Vimeo or local clips into HUDTube and enjoy browser-free watching! 

 Have you ever wished you could watch your favourite videos from YouTube or Vimeo in a separate window, adjust it’s size or just easily loop t

Top 5 Productivity App in US and Japan! ◆ Rated one of the best apps of Evernote Devcup 2012! ◆ Scored 9/10 at AppStorm! ● “Just download it. It's great.” ● “Actually better in some ways than the Evernote Mac

NEW – we've added support to Focusbar. If you have a account, you can now submit your tasks to calendar at the end of your working day. Bring your tasks to a focus with Focusbar - simple but powerful t

Six families of adorable beetles are lost and must find their way home. Turn them in the right direction, toward launch pads of a similar color. Try to beat the clock, but don't let those silly Beetles run into each other! ✔ GDN 9/10: Anyone

Maktura umożliwia wystawianie dokumentów księgowych takich jak faktura VAT, faktura zaliczkowa, rachunek czy korekta za pomocą przejrzystego interfejsu użytkownika. Bezpośredni dostęp zarówno do bazy kontra