Applications by MLstate

=== APP IS NOW **FREE** SINCE THE ONLINE MODE DOES NOT WORK. GET IT NOW, WILL BE BACK TO PAID WHEN ONLINE MODE RETURNS. === The only LAN poker app on the App Store. Join the Opa Poker community and play Texas hold’ em on your Mac with online

iServer Project 2.0 runs an all-in-one collaborative web portal on your machine so that you can work online and spread the word about your project. It is a unique software designed for everyone. A simple On/Off switch launches iServer on your machine

*** PERFECTLY SUITED FOR THE MAC MINI (ANY VERSION) AND OTHER MACS *** *** RUNS ON REGULAR MAC OS X, NO MAC OS X SERVER IS NEEDED *** iServer Enterprise 2.0 runs a full-featured collaborative web portal on your machine. Take advantage of a powerful