Applications by MC-Richter-GbR


4 days ago

This program was developed especially for software developers. With it, you are able to document all steps of the developing process. Especially with multiple programs and many versions, it makes an overview much easier. Here, you enter all new fea


2 days ago

This program was developed as an independent application for invoicing services of a rental objects (Apartments, Offices …). But it also works for objects, where only the service must be paid. Beside the simple and intuitive operation, a high


3 days ago

This program gives you a good overview of your model train collection. You can store all values (gauge, class…) of your models in xMoVe. But not only the information of the model can be stored. Also the dates of the original can be administere

With "xHaBu", you get an profesional accounting program. It address the following users: - Freelancer - Small enterprises - Clubs - Private households The accounting is in each company a very sensitive part. On the one side it must fulfill legal co