Applications by Luis-Rueda-Diez


18 days ago

ICMPUtil is a tool to monitor multiple Hosts network connectivity using ICMP echo requests. ICMPUtil helps network troubleshooting by graphically displaying response time of multiple hosts simultaneously. If enabled, ICMPUtil can send user notificat


2 days ago

Minimalist dock clock with pure macOS style. Analog and digital modes, alarms, stopwatch and timer. Alarms can be displayed as notifications, screen alerts or a dock icon badge.

Dot1xProfile is a small utility to generate 802.1x network authentication profiles helping networking professionals working in 802.1x secure network access environments. Dot1xProfile can quickly create 802.1x profiles (mobileconfig files) or directl


15 days ago

EAPTest is a tool for networking professionals working in 802.1x secure network access environments. EAPTest allows testing of authentication and accounting on RADIUS Servers. Authentication protocols include PAP and the common Extended Authenticati


15 days ago

NetworkView is a network visualization tool that aims to provide a simple interface for the complex function involved in the discovery and monitoring of multi-vendor IP networks. With NetworkView you can get a quick overview of your network, whethe


15 days ago

IperfUtil provides a simple and native macOS graphical interface to the Iperf3 network performance tool. IperfUtil can run simultaneously an Iperf3 server available for remote Iperf3 clients.