Applications by Lucidus-Apps

Tasks helps you easily access Google Tasks™ from status bar. With a simple and clean interface, here are some main features: - Multiple account support. You can sign in as many accounts as you like at the same time. And switch between them qui

Facelet helps you access Facebook right from status bar. It has a clean user interface. You can resize its window to get more space. More features are coming soon! (If you're running Facelet on Lion, please upgrade to Lion 10.7.1)

Mailet is a neat app which helps you quickly access Gmail right from the status bar. It has a clean and simple interface to make you focus on your work. Here're some features: - Global keyboard shortcuts help you show/hide window really fast! - Resi

Chatlet helps you use Facebook Chat right from status bar. With Chatlet, you can: - Always get notification whenever there is a new chat or message. - Use global shortcut to open Chatlet whenever you want. It's that fast! - Resize the chat window to