Applications by LogicalVue-Software-Inc

SQLVue is the fast and easy way to manage your SQLite databases. Features include: * Displays tables, views, indexes and triggers * Code completion for SQL keywords * Code completion for table and column names * Data editing * Multiple SQL editors

With Base64Vue, you can easily encoding your text into Base64 and decode Base64 back into plain text. Features: * Copy encoded/decoded text to clipboard * Load text to encode/decode from text file * Save text to encode/decode to text file

Sliders, the number puzzle game. Just like when you were a kid. Slide the numbers in the puzzle to get them in the right order. * 3 Difficulty levels * Always solvable * Counts moves Want to see the source code? Download Xojo and check the Exampl

Baby Names makes it easy for you to search a database of almost 9,000 names so that you can find the perfect name for your child. Features: * Search male and female names * Mark names as favorites * Speaks names so that you can hear how it will soun