Applications by Line-Thirteen

Your calendar, delivered to your inbox every day. Do you live in your email inbox? Have EmailMyCal email you a copy of the day's events every morning! NOTE1: EmailMyCal interacts with iCal. If you don't use iCal, EmailMyCal will not work for you.

Hierarchical task management software. Assign tasks, and then assign subtasks to each task. Includes support for categories. Optionally obscure other apps from view with an opaque background.

There are lots of ways to get things done. With OneThingToday you simply assign a single task or project to each day. This helps you focus on one major goal each day, avoiding the distraction of other pending tasks or ongoing projects. Plan your time

PDFMitosis takes a PDF file and generates a copy where each page is duplicated in order. Perfect for marking up one copy of a page while leaving the other untouched. Just drop the PDF file or files on the PDFMitosis icon in the dock and all of them

Nuper lets you subscribe to your favorite blogs and keep tabs on all the latest headlines. A single click on any entry instantly opens a new browser window and loads the chosen site for you. All of the headlines from all of your favorite sites are in