Applications by Lee-C-Baker

Examine your battery's health, charge status, and manufacture details. * Details about the health and status of your Mac's battery * Learn about the condition of your battery- how much capacity has it lost since new? * See real time details, includi

Bring the complete WikiTravel guide with you to read anywhere and everywhere, no internet connection required! Travel Guide has information on traveling the whole world. From Congo to Canada, from Spain to Space, it's all here. Once the app is downl

Note: if you are having issues with installing or running the latest version, email me and I'll make sure you're taken care of: [email protected] UnitCalc is an easy-to-use advanced calculator for performing real world calculations. By tracking the

Impress your friends with your newfound ability to speak Pig Latin! Translate quickly and accurately- just type in text, and the translation appears below. What is Pig Latin? It's an easy and simple way of moving around the letters of words to hide

Play songs. Hear their names announced. Perfect for every music lover. With Announce, every song you play in iTunes is announced by name. A computer voice names the song, album, and artist being played. Never have to guess what is being played again