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DJ Mixes: electronic music from all across the globe, find all your favorite styles including, DJ live shows, electronic music podcasts. Automatically display within app newest DJ shows. Fast backward & fast forward audio. LISTEN DJ MUSIC SHOWS: Edm

Classical music radios and the best classical musicians biographies. A great selection of radio stations around the world that play a variety of classical music. Great detailed biological information on a number of composers, articles with images and

Electronica: listen live radio stations, electronic music from all across the globe, find all your favorite styles including, dj live shows and variety electronic stations.

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World's radios, stations of the United States & Canada, Europe, Africa the Middle East and India, Oceania, Latin America and the Caribbean. Music genres list: Drinking Songs, Celtic Folk, Americas, Polka, Drone, France, Hawaii, Indian Pop, Japan, Ja

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*Spring Flowers Game - Play with two options* *Easy Game & Hard Game (with time)* -Move the same colored flowers to match in the line. -Matching more than 3 flowers at same time the game gives score. -As much more flowers the game gives more extra s