Applications by Lars-Tholen

A simple and easy to use stopwatch right in your menu bar. * Track hours, minutes and seconds * Start/Stop * Pause, and later continue * hotkeys supported * retina ready * hide time when not in use -> no wasted space * lap times "This works quite w

A simple and easy to use timer right in your menu bar that counts down and notifies you when the time is up. * When not in use, it only displays a small icon in your menubar. So it does not waste space. * While in use, it always shows the amount o

Photo GPS Exif Editor lets you view, add, change or delete location/GPS information in your photos. If your camera can't save location information in your photos, don't worry. You can use this app to add a location to your photos so you know in 10 y

Download your photos from Facebook * simple and easy to use * save whole albums to your local hard drive Note: add your Facebook account in your system preferences first.