Applications by LTEIBUNICAMP

The 3D Class brings users to play games while learning, and to learn while gaming. For the students enrolled in courses that are available in a Moodle server, the 3D Class can be used to access them from OSX and iOS enabled devices.

The software "Muscle Contraction : "Biochemical Aspects of Sportive Practice" was designed to promote the association between the content of a basic undergraduate biochemistry course and the professional activities of physical education students. The

The Cell is a 3D scale model of a cell. It presents a generic model of animal cell with organelles descriptions. The size of the cell is related with the size of the organelles. A scale bar can also be shown by clicking the appropriate button.

The COM App simulates oxygen consumption by isolated mitochondria. Substrate combinations and inhibitors can be simulated. COM simulates functional information obtained from isolated mitochondria. Simulations results are shown in two graphs.