Applications by LSD-programming-LLC

Turn your trackpad into a powerful MIDI controller. "If you’ve got a Mac, get this. Period." -- Peter Kirn NOTICE: Works only with Magic Trackpad or multi touch-enabled MacBooks. Track Master gives you the ability to play and control music w

Writer is a minimal text editor. It strips away all text formatting and focuses on the writing. Features: ▶ Full Lion support ▶ Word and character counts ▶ Minimal design ▶ Window pinning ▶ Smart window zoom ▶ Aut

Type’n’tell takes text and turns it into voice! Your Mac comes with a powerful text-to-speech engine that Type’n’tell uses to produce high quality (HQ) sound. Try it! Use Type'n'tell in various fashions: 1) humor :) 2) sound