Applications by LIANG-YAN-QING

The image processor supports edit batch images at a time to save you from the tedious and time consuming work. Features: - Batch rename images The form of name "name#####", "#" is a number! And the images have the same part "name" and the number

The image compressor is used to compress images to reduce the size for a better transmission and storage. It is very easy and simple in use but powerful in its function. Set the compression level and Drag images or folder to the app, it will compres

It is absolutely a great tool for programmers and designers to turn color into corresponding code. Features Copy colors from anywhere on Mac. Click the “search” button, it supports choosing the color from anywhere. Convert color to cod

The File Encryption is a tool to help your protect your files. It supports protecting the file by saving it as another format and add a password for your file. Main features File and folder encryption and decryption; Disguise file with an image or P

It is an application for downloading contents on website in one click.The media downloader supports downloading image, email, flash, zip and pdf files from the website when input URL to the app. Main features Easily operation; input the URL and embe

The Easy Screen Capture is used to capture the content on the screen. It supports full screen grab, a window content capture when there are several windows and certain contents needed. The features: - Easily shot the content on the screen - Support

The iNote is used to keep any of what you want to write down, list the content by timeline and protect them with a password. You can set the levels according to the importance and tags to mention what is the note about which can helps you to target t

File Locker is a very powerful software for keeping your files security. When locking the files, the files is hidden. You can open the unlocked files by launching the File Locker with password. Unlocking the files,it would recover the files to the o

The Advanced Edition of media downloader is a much more powerful version for downloading contents from website. It supports downloading contents from several websites at a time. And there are 3 modes for contents source, single page, website and sear

The Big File Cleaner lets you to find the large unwanted files and to remove them permanently in a rather easy way. For a quickly checking the files, when importing files to the Big File Cleaner, it shows the size of every file. And there are differ