Applications by Krystof-Vasa

Permute 2

12 days ago

Permute is the easiest to use media converter with it's easy to use, no configuration, drag and drop interface, it will meet the needs to convert all your media. Easy to Use Built from the ground up, Permute is a perfect example of what a Mac app sh

ImageGlitch is a way to digitally destroy images to create new works of art from your photographs or graphic designs created on the computer. Note: For best results, use JPEG or TIFF. Other file formats are hard to work with or may completely corrup

Eon Timer

5 days ago

Easy to use Time Tracking for the Mac featuring a clean intuitive interface. Keep track of time for all your project in one place and then post it to your online service, if you wish so. We support your favorite online services via in-app purchases

Pochade easily allows you to select any color from your screen, save your collection of colors, and get the color value the way you want. Pochade is ideal for anyone that often has to get different color values from their screen. You can also impor

Once upon a time … or do we really need a story? There are balls running wild and you are the only one who can stop them! There are 20 levels to play in this game and more are coming soon! Cut away the playboard space for points and to f

This giveaway is in cooperation with Whether you are an OS X or iOS developer, the number of icon sizes that need to be supplied with each app is growing enormously - for a universal iOS app that supports iOS 7+, you need to gener

There are already many other todo apps, yes - so why another one? Because none of them personally fit my needs - and hopefully yours as well! Complete allows you to create multiple projects within one window, add milestones to each project and und

Tripple Zee is a very simple utility which lets you put your computer to sleep with a delay. This delay can be either set as a precise time interval (e.g. in 2 hours), or when your CPU or network activity is low. This can be very useful for anyone w

UctoX 2

15 days ago

UctoX is an invoicing app that allows you focus on your work and less on the bureaucracy behind invoicing. UctoX comes with 3 different print templates, but that shouldn't limit you since it includes a full-featured template editor, where you can cre

Tune up your regexps with Regextor! See exactly what your regular expression matches in the sample text.

Czech accounting software. No additional information available in English. UctoX je určen pro živnostníky a menší firmy, kteří mají potřebu vést daňovou evidenci a vystavovat faktur

All your movie memories. In one place. Dozens of movies come out every month. Some you like, some you don't. In any case, you may want to keep track of the movies you've seen, rate them and write notes about them. Huh? Maybe mark them as favorite