Applications by Knowledge-Adventure

As the newest friend in the JumpStart Neighborhood, you’ll have lots of fun as you make new friends, discover new places, and learn all kinds of new things. StoryLand contains five Adventure Worlds full of learning and fun. In each World, you

Dr. Brain has invited you here as the newest member of the Secret Society of Dr. Brain, dedicated to exploration, adventure, and learning through time travel! Your mission is to travel through time and defeat The Hench and his Henchmen. The Hench has

Lost Island has been invaded by primitive, pesky trouble makers called the Punk-Punks. We need you to get the island back under control. Your journey will begin in boot camp on Training Island where you’ll learn the basic skills you’ll ne

The citizens of MarineLand need your help. Their underwater world has been taken over by destructive little creatures called Punk-Punks, and they are turning their wonderful ocean floor upside down. In each World, you’ll earn sand dollars by co