Applications by Kiwilab

*** IMPORTANT NOTICE: The application correctly starts... you will find a camera icon on the top bar. Press on it to access the menus. *** Use Power Screenshot to grab Desktop or a single window screenshot with awesome effects with just one click!

ADClock is an animated desktop wallpaper that display a clock. You can customize this animated desktop changing the color of the background or the transparency window. Try it... it's FREE.

ADRipple will show you animated ripples on the background of your desktop. Features in this version: - Start automatically when user logged in - Change the transparency of the window - Change the background color You can see a demo video of this

With AnimDesktop 2 you can create amazing animated wallpapers for your mac. More than 20 different backgrounds fully customizable. With this version you can: - Choose more than 20 different animated wallpaper - Customize the animated wallpaper - C

ADGrass display an animated grass field on your desktop wallpaper. You can customize this app with the following options: - Automatically start when user logged in - Change the transparency of the window - Change the master color Check it out

Personalize your mac wallpaper with this beautiful animated and configurable animated desktop! ADAbstractLove display an animated japanese kanji symbol that means "Love" on the desktop wallpaper. Features of this version: - Automatically start wh