Applications by Kevin-Christy

Number 1 App in Ireland, France, Spain, Jordan, Portugal, Italy, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Turkey, Chile, Latvia, Tanzania, Trinidad and Tobago, Azerbaijan, Albania and Nepal - Angry Driver brings you the best in ra

Take a dash of your favorite seaside arcade racer, mix in some side-by-side police action shoot-outs, a little cinematic slow motion camera action, nitrous turbo boosts and oil patches. No 1 App in Mozambique, Moldova, Jamaica and the Solomon islan

Earth is orbited by 18 Russian space stations. These provide the platform for Interstellar space travel. English Language Instructions. Each NASA space station has malfunctioned and is operating in a lower orbit. The spaceship robot has gone haywir

It’s English Prepositions : Test your English and see your improvement. No 1 App in Korea, Algeria and Colombia. Learn the English language with a friend or on your own. Prepare for University entrance exams with confidence. Can you remember a

This is the best application by age for learning English in a fun way. No 1 App in Hungary, Lithuania, Belize and Azerbajain and may others. It’s level jumping English fun! Use your English to match the correct answer and climb up the ladders

No 1 app in Switzerland, Senegal, Estonia, Romania and United Arab Emirates. Earth is being invaded by Aliens. In this arcade action style game. The UFO ships are dropping Aliens in your town. They appeared out of nowhere into thin air. Photo realis

No 1 in the app store in Peru and Hungary or Hungry as we say like our Dinosaurs! Instructions in the English Language. You find yourself lost in a jungle having looked for the lost temple. To your disbelief you have found something more than a lost

English for levels A1,A2,B1,B2 of the European framework of languages. English Language throughout. No 1 App in Spain, Brazil, Thailand, Senegal, Croatia, Kuwait, Burkino Faso, Nigeria, Nepal, Angola, Macedonia, Algeria, Tajikistan, Thailand, Vietnam

English Expressions is a tool to help you study natural phrases in English. No 1 App in Ecuador an Brunei Overall. There are 2 parts to the app you are shown an expression and the same expression in clear simple english with a voice speaking one of